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    Get information on delivery schedules and shipping charges.


    Delivery Charges

    Your delivery charges will depend on the products you order. These charges will be displayed during the checkout process.


    Here’s how your shipping charges will work:

    Shipping Type Order Value Shipping Charge

    Standard delivery

    (For household products)

    Less than KWD 25 KWD 1.5
    More than KWD 25 Free

    Scheduled delivery - Kabd area


    Less than KWD 300 KWD 25
    More than KWD 300 Free

    Scheduled delivery - Ahmadi Governorate – Restricted areas (Including Alzour, Ali Sabha Al Salam, Bnaider Al Shalley, Julaiya Al Shalley, Khairan Al Shalley, Nuwaiseeb, Sabah Al Ahmed, Wafra)


    Less than KWD 200 KWD 20
    More than KWD 200 Free

    Scheduled delivery - Other areas


    Less than KWD 100 KWD 10
    More than KWD 100 Free


    Please note, your furniture orders for Kabd & Ahmadi Governorate-restricted areas, will be delivered once a week. You can choose the date from the options available at checkout.

    Your household orders will be delivered in 6-8 business days.

    Home Centre has the right to cancel an order if a customer doesn’t schedule their delivery within 50 days of placing their order.


    Popular Questions

    Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

    I placed an order today. When can I expect my shipment?

    Your delivery schedule will depend on the product and the time that you placed your order. Go to the Orders section under My Account or click on the order number in your Order Confirmation email to check on the status of your delivery.

    If due to any unforeseen circumstance, delivery is delayed but done on the same day in a later slot, Home Centre is not liable to refund the delivery charges.


    What if I miss a delivery?

    If you are not at home, our delivery partner will call you and request you to reschedule your delivery. Simply contact our Customer Support team at, and we’ll schedule another delivery date and time that suits you better.


    How do I schedule my delivery?

    If you order Home Centre furniture, you’ll be able to schedule your delivery date and time in 4 simple steps:

    1. Add the product to your basket and proceed to checkout.
    2. Enter your shipping address. You have the option to pin your location on Google Maps to help us find your address faster.
    3. Select your delivery date. Available dates will be highlighted in green.
    4. Select a convenient time to receive your order.

    Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

    No, but you can pick up your order from our delivery partner’s office if you wish. Simply ask them to hold your order at their office when they contact you before delivery.


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