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    When it comes to choosing the perfect bedding, the options are endless. From fabrics to weaves, fillings, and components, there’s a lot of decisions to make. In this guide, we unravel all these different elements to help you make the best-informed choice based on your needs.

    Let’s understand every layer that makes up your bed, inside out.

    Fabric stories

    Unfolding weaves and textures

    Your bedding plays a big role in restful, rejuvenating sleep. Understanding what it’s made of is key to night after night of blissful slumber.

    Percale vs. Sateen weave

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    Tight, one-over-one-under pattern that makes up smooth, crisp, and durable fabric.

    A matte finish offers a calm and breathable feel while its lightweight and smooth texture feels refreshing against the skin.

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    A multitude of threads woven in one direction, usually four over one, creates a lustrous surface.

    A silky, luxurious finish feels inviting - the tighter weave keeps you warm and comfortable in cool weather.

    Know the fabrics


    How important is thread count?

    Thread count, the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric, is something to look for.

    A higher thread count can make sheets feel smoother, while a lower one can make them more breathable and cooler.

    How your bedding feels to the touch, is influenced by the fabric, the weave, and the quality of the fibre. Find what suits your personal preference, climate, and sleeping habits.

    Wash & care

    Check the care label for specific instructions before washing.
    Wash your sheets in cold or lukewarm water using a mild liquid detergent on a gentle cycle.
    Tumble dry on low heat or in a delicate setting, or air-dry in the sun.
    Remove sheets from the dryer promptly to avoid wrinkles.
    Fold or place sheets on the bed while warm to give a smooth finish.
    Iron lightly if desired.
    Wash sheets weekly to maintain cleanliness.


    Duvets are plush, insulated inserts encased within a removable cover, often called a duvet cover. They provide cloud-like comfort & warmth, cradling you to a sound sleep. Consider tog ratings and duvet fillings while choosing the perfect duvet.

    Tog rating is a measure of the thermal insulation of a duvet. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be. While it measures the duvet’s insulating ability, it doesn’t indicate the overall quality or material.

    Once you know what the tog rating is, it’s easier to find a duvet that can work for you all year round, and through every season.


    2.5 to 4.5 Tog
    for warmer nights

    Spring & autumn

    7.0 to 9.0 Tog
    for cooler nights


    9.0 to 10.5 Tog
    for colder nights

    All seasons

    4.5 to 9.0 Tog
    for all year round

    Duvets come in three main varieties, each offering unique properties that make them suitable for specific preferences.

    Down duvets

    Natural filling

    Made from the softest feathers, these boast a fluffy appearance and exceptional insulation. Their lightweight features make them ideal for year-round use.

    Down alternative duvets

    Ideal for
    allergy sufferers
    Soft comfort
    Non-allergenic for
    a healthy sleep

    Made with synthetic materials that mimic the feel and the warmth of natural down, a hypoallergenic and affordable style.

    Microfibre duvets

    Synthetic filling

    Made with soft, breathable microfibres, another hypoallergenic and budget-friendly style to keep you warm all night.

    Wash & care

    Shake and fluff your duvet every morning.
    Check the care label before washing.
    Use a large-capacity washing machine and a mild detergent.
    Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.
    Use a duvet cover to protect your duvet.
    Wash the duvet cover as often as you change your sheets.
    Store your duvet in a clean, dry place.
    Air-dry your duvet whenever possible.


    These soft, fluffy top layers are the ultimate sleep companions, a versatile staple that can be used all year round to create a snug sleep environment.

    You can immerse yourself in an abundant selection of designs to match your decor.

    Solids —

    Simple, bold or subtle. Solids blend seamlessly with diverse themes and are an ever-dependable classic.

    Printed —

    Vibrant patterns, from floral to geometric or abstract help you add a pop of personality to your bed.

    Embroidered —

    Elegantly crafted and often quite detailed, these are perfect for making a unique decorative statement.

    Jacquard —

    Intricate designs with a raised texture to add grandeur, appeal to your sense of touch and add a luxe feel.

    Wash & care

    Check the care label, some comforters may need to be dry-cleaned, while others can be machine-washed.
    Pre-treat stains if the comforter has any. This will help prevent it from setting in.
    Wash in cold water on a delicate or gentle cycle. Using hot water can damage the fibres and make them less fluffy.
    Use a mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage the fibres.
    Fluff and air out to maintain its loft and freshness.
    Wash no more than twice a year. Washing it more often can shorten its lifespan.


    A pillow is a major sleep investment. Think about your favourite sleeping position, firmness level and fill type before picking out the pillow of your dreams.

    Sleeping position

    Stomach sleepers

    Need a soft, low-loft pillow to keep their head in a neutral position and prevent strain on their neck.

    Side sleepers

    Need a firm or medium-firm, higher-loft pillow to fill the space between their shoulders and neck and keep their spine in a straight line.

    Back sleepers

    Need a medium-loft pillow that supports the natural curvature of their spine.

    Pillow fillings come in three distinct types. The cosy feeling of down feathers offers a balanced blend of softness, breathability, and support. The responsive memory foam ones mould to the shape of the head and the neck, offering customised, enhanced comfort. For those on a budget, durable microfibre pillows offer a great support and even help reduce snoring.

    Wash & care

    Check the care label for specific instructions.
    Use pillow protectors to shield your pillows from sweat, oils, and stains.
    Wash every 3-6 months. If you have allergies or your pillows are soiled, you may need to wash them more often.
    Expose your pillows to direct sunlight and fresh air occasionally to freshen and disinfect them naturally.

    Bed protection

    Mattress protectors & toppers help maintain overall hygiene, comfort, and longevity of bedding.

    Mattress toppers

    A mattress topper is an additional layer designed to enhance comfort, regulate temperature, relieve pressure, and minimise allergens to optimise sleep conditions and provide cushiony thickness to a mattress that is too soft or thin.

    Opt for down feather hybrids with microgel for extra softness, or budget-friendly microfibre for bounce and plushness. Memory foam toppers come in anti-bacterial and anti-fugal treated options to copper or cool gel infused options.

    Mattress protectors

    A mattress protector serves as a thin coat for your mattress, acting as a protective shield between the mattress and potential damages. They safeguard the mattress from spills, stains, dust mites, allergens, bed bugs and promote a longer mattress life and a healthier sleep environment.

    How to style your bed

    Our certifications

    With this comprehensive insight into bedding basics, you can now start refining your preferences and picking the ideal bedding.

    Discover our diverse bedding ranges to find great options that match your needs and elevate your sleep experience!

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