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Living Room


The living room is an important space in the home where majority of family gatherings are celebrated. Most of the time, family gathers to watch TV shows/movies, plays and spends time with their children, or simply talking with each other. It is also where relatives, friends and guests are welcomed and entertained.

Amongst all the room in the home, it is the largest and the most visible to friends and guests. It can display the individual or family’s style, interest and passion. In general, the living room represents the lifestyle and personality of the home owner and creates the impression to other people.

Sectional Sofa
Sectional sofa is made of separate pieces that can be arranged in a number of ways in a room. Customers can choose from a more flexible modular sofa to a compact corner sofa that are both space saving and practical.

Benefits of Sectional Sofa

• Ideal solution for large or angled seating areas

• Flexible and it creates several combinations that fits seating needs

• Update interiors quickly and easily through changing its configuration for a completely new look and feel

• It can be adapted to a variety of different room shapes and designs – fits into compact living spaces as in can create a welcoming seating corner or give owners an easy way to arrange seating in a room with a difficult layout

• More ways of sitting and resting options available

Recommending a modular sofa can seem intimidating at first, especially if you are not equipped with the right information. By getting to know the different sectional pieces that comprise a modular sofa and the different style choices that can come into play when selecting a modular sofa, you can better recommend to customers the modular sofa that are available in the showroom.
Components of a Sectional/Modular Sofa
Sectional sofa is comprised of multiple component pieces. Some collection may have the complete components while others may have different variation on these pieces. The following section provides a general idea of what costumers can encounter when shopping for a sectional sofa.

Side or End Modular Piece

• Features one arm support, creating an end point or side to the modular set-up

• One of the few pieces in a modular set which cannot be placed just anywhere as it is limited by the orientation of its armrest

• For example, a side piece with a left armrest must always be placed at the leftmost of the modular arrangement

Corner Modular Piece

• The corner piece is a cube-shaped section with two back supports forming a "V" or corner

• This often becomes the centerpiece of a modular set-up, anchoring the location of a modular sofa in a room

Chair Modular Piece

• Typically wide enough for one individual to sit on

• It may have a back support but no arm rests, allowing it to port with other modular components on either side

• It can also be a two-seater which is wide enough for a pair of people to sit on

Lounger/Chaise Modular Piece

• It is a one-seater which has an integrated foot support element extending from the seat of the piece

• It provides a way for individuals to lounge and rest their legs, as well

• It usually has either one arm support and a back support piece or just a back support piece with no armrests

Ottoman Modular Piece

• It is a self-contained cube that acts as a footrest and sometimes as a table in a modular set-up

• It can be placed flush with another component to create a makeshift settee of sorts, or they may be left at the centre of a modular set-up to function as a coffee table

• It can come in a full size, which forms a perfect square, or a half size, which forms a smaller rectangle
Seating Arrangements of a Sectional Corner Sofa

Determining whether a sectional corner sofa is a left or right arm option can be confusing. The left or right arm option can be determined when standing facing the sofa. Take a look the easy guide to identify which seating arrangement does the customer needs

Left Corner Sofa

• The chaise is on the left hand side as you look at the sofa from the front

• The angle is at the left side while you are facing the corner sofa

• Comes with a right arm facing end chair

Right Corner Sofa

• The chaise is on the right hand side as you look at the sofa from the front

• The angle is at the right side while you are facing the corner sofa

• Comes with a left arm facing end chair

Sofa Bed

Any room can be turned into a bedroom or guest room by putting a quality sofa bed. Also known as sleeper sofa, it is one of the most versatile and convenient piece of furniture. A quality sofa bed serves as additional seating during the day and bed at night. Having a sofa bed at home means guests are always welcome without personal space being compromised.

  Type of  Upholstery





  3-Seater Sofa Bed

  • Cushioned and upholstered
  • Available in click clack mechanism, corner sofa bed and 3-seater sofa bed
  • Corner sofa bed and 3-seater sofa bed comes with a storage for added convenience
  • Convenient - click clack mechanism transform the sofa into bed in a second
  • Space saving
  • Easy to clean and maintain




  • Futon generally refers to the traditional style of bedding
  • It has cushions, metal frames and foldable mattress
  • Available in microfiber and leather


  • Convenient - Convenient - click clack mechanism transform the sofa into bed in a second
  • Space saving




  • Three sided frames usually made for double size mattress
  • Option to add ideal mattress
  • Some includes trundle or under bed


  • Trundle bed – options to accommodate more guest
  • Durable
  • Convenient and space saving
Sofa Bed Opening Mechanism

Click clack mechanism – easily converts the sofa into a bed in just a few seconds.

• Pull-out – The built-in metal pull out system is designed to require minimum effort, so that in a matter of moments you can transform it from a humble living room sofa to a dreamy bedroom retreat

• 3-Fold action – the bed opens in three stages: pull the metal frame out from the sofa seat; pull the legs down underneath the bed; and fold out the end section of the bed.

• 2-Fold action – requires even less effort, as the legs fold out underneath the bed automatically as the frame is pulled out from the sofa seat.



Bedroom is a very important and special place in the home. It is an individual’s private space where most personal possessions are kept. It provides privacy and a sense of security. It provides a perfect place to relax, to rest and to sleep after a long day of activities. It is therefore important to have a comfortable bedroom to promote healthy and good sleep at night.

Home Centre offers a wide range of bedroom solution that customer can choose from so they will never need to worry about creating a comfortable bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture
Bedrooms can be as simple as a mattress and a lamp, or as fully furnished as a luxurious hotel suite. Any furniture that will make one feel most rested and relaxed should be added in the bedroom. There are chests of drawers to store extra bedding or a dresser that serves as a vanity for the morning rush while a bench provides a spot to comfortably put on shoes.

Here are the most common bedroom furniture available at Home Centre:

• Most important furniture in the bedroom

• Provides important sleeping comfort

• Sets the style of the room

• Provides support to the mattress and lifts the bed from the floor

• Primary storage for clothing and bedroom essentials

• Keeps clothing, accessories and bedroom basics neat and organised

• Comes with plenty of space for hanging clothes and drawers for folded items

• Also can add a beautiful and elegant touch to the bedroom

• Provides additional storage for clothes, accessories, cosmetics and other personal belongings

• Multipurpose and it can also be used in different ways and in many different parts of the home

• Long top surface for displaying pictures or storing jewelry

• Those that comes with mirror can be used as a vanity or changing table

Chest of Drawers
• Stores clothing, accessories or personal care items

• Easy to access and organize

• Keeps personal items clean and accessible

• Versatile and it can be used in any parts of the room such as hallways and living room

• Practical and decorative – used for holding lamps, clocks and other items

• Keeps important items next to the bed accessible such as telephone, alarm clocks and keys

• Easy to personalize the room by keeping some picture frames, flowers or favorite accent pieces

Bedroom Bench

• Adds style, storage and extra seating to the bedroom

• Includes ottoman, stool, chaise lounge or bench

• It can be used in many ways

• Commonly placed at the end of a bed, next to the wall or under a window
A comfortable bed starts with a good bed frame. Bed frames support the mattress and make the bed more comfortable because they raise the bed higher up. A bedframe is more than just somewhere to sleep.  It can be a beautiful centrepiece to the bedroom or a useful storage area. Bedframe
Most modern bedframe today are made of a headboard, side rail, footboard, slat and leg. Some includes a headboard, a footboard or defined legs.

1 Headboard
• Holds the pillows and reinforces the bed

• Head and back cushions and provides support for leaning and relaxing

• Adds elegance to the your bedroom

• Some includes storage and LED light for added convenience

• It can be simple, decorative or functional

2 Side rail
• Connects all the parts of the bed

• Provides stability to the bed

• Some are deep enough to hold the mattress in place

3 Footboard
• Keeps a folded blanket at the foot of a bed while sleeping

• Some are decorative depending on the design of the bed such as sleigh beds

• Others may include storage and other extra features

4 Leg
• Provides clearance from ground and balance to the bed

• Some are high enough to provide useful storage space underneath

• They may be simple, ornate, elaborate and are made of different materials

5 Bed base
• Made of wooden slat or plywood insert

• Provides a flat surface to the mattress

• Supports the mattress and increases comfort level of the bed

6 Center Support
• Provide supports to the slat and to the mattress
Types of Bedframe
Bed frames vary greatly in design and style. They can have elaborate footboards, headboards, or even canopies that decorate the room and bring it to life. They are built with different materials and come in a variety of colors and styles. Below are the common types of bedframe available in the showroom and information on each.





Platform Bed

  • Low to the ground
  • Sleek design with clean lines
  • Bed base constructed with

wooden slats or plywood insert

  • Available in many styles
  • Provides a cooler sleep environment than traditional designs
  • It looks spacious, clean and uncluttered
  • Simple and convenient
  • Easily goes well with any type of room decors


Canopy/Poster Bed

  • Features poles at each corners
  • Originally designed to hold hangings to insulate sleepers from breezes or light wind
  • Canopy bed comes with crossbeams while posted bed do not have
  • The soaring posts make a dramatic style statement, helping the bed create a visual center in a room
  • Provides bedroom a unique look
  • Brings a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom


Sleigh Bed

  • Also known as French bed
  • With large frame, beautiful and sleek curves
  • Famous for its bold statement
  • Creates a focal point in the bedroom
  • Smart and slender look brings style into the bedroom
  • Perfect choice for modern or contemporary styled homes


Low-Post Bed

  • With corner post that do not exceed the height of  the headboard
  • Post are usually decorated with finial
  • Suits most room sizes and design styles


Upholstered Bed

  • Elegant
  • Commonly upholstered in faux leather or fabric
  • May come with a storage
  • Available in different styles
  • Good design should have a lasting quality, be it modern or traditional in its inspiration.
  • Winged
  • Rectangular
  • Arched
  • Clipped corner


Storage Bed

  • Equipped with smart storage solutions
  • Usually offer huge space underneath their slatted base and are easy to pull up
  • Some have large drawers on both sides
  • Provides storage for pillows, blankets and linens for a clutter free bedroom
  • Provides a smart solution to smaller space
  • Functional, very sturdy and comfortable to provide a restful night’s sleep
  • Space saving
  • Available in many different designs


Captain Bed

  • Modeled after maritime captain’s beds
  • Generally made out of wood and usually quite heavy
  • Usually has drawers underneath the mattress
  • This is a great style for small rooms, where storage space may be limited
  • Space saving
  • Ideal for bachelors, teenagers or children
Standard Mattress Measurements


Width (cm)

Length (cm)




Queen / Double






Super King



Standard Bed Measurements

Bed Size


Ideal Room Size


120 cm x 200 cm

7’ x 10’


155 cm x 205 cm

10’ x 12’


180 cm x 210 cm

10’ x 13’

Super King

200cm x 210cm

Larger room

A wardrobe is the perfect solution for a clutter-free bedroom. Wardrobes are a stylish storage solution for organizing clothing, jewelry, personal belongings, bedroom essentials and more. They come in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and styles to fit any space, decor, and budget. Home Centre showcases a wide collection of wardrobes that are practical, functional and decorative. Available in different styles, designs and colors, it can add an element of class to almost any bedroom.

Benefits of Wardrobes
• Offers large storage sections with metal hang rods to store hanging items such as Abayyas, Khandooras,long jackets, dresses and blazers

• Plenty of additional storage space at floor level

• Ideal bedroom furniture that create more storage space for clothing and bedroom essentials

• Free standing and it can be moved around a room or even in a different room or house

• Aside from its practical function, it can also enhances the bedroom’s interior

Customers require different things from a wardrobe. Although, there are plenty of options from a customizable single door to built-in 3 or more doors, there are two main choices available in the showroom.

In relation to their installation methods, wardrobe doors can be either hinged or sliding.

Hinged doors
• Doors can be opened with just a single pull

• Some hinged doors are designed to have extra space, there are small containers or hooks for bags, neckties, and other accessories behind the doors

• Perfect choice for a large and spacious bedroom

• Offer greater access to clothes and other items stored in the wardrobe

• Ideal for people who want the full use of their wardrobe at all times

• Their doors usually have handles, many of which are a real design feature, & there is a great choice of colours & textures

• Varies from two-door to five-door

Sliding door
• Practical choices for smaller rooms or rooms with limited space

• No floor space is occupied when wardrobe doors are open

• Ideal for people who only use part of their wardrobe on a regular basis

• More decorative with mirrors, frosted glass, coloured glass and wood effect panels

• Sliding doors makes it possible for a broader opening within a single door

• Easier to gain access inside the wardrobe all at once without having to open and close a number of doors

• With rubber grippers or stopper to prevent the door from slamming the sides

Dresser offers additional space for keeping and organizing cosmetics and personal care items. It often comes with a mirror, which can be hanged on the wall above or be attached to the dresser itself. It can be easily transformed into an elegant vanity that makes it a practical solution for getting ready in the morning or before going out in the evening. At Home Centre, dressers come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials that allows customers to easily find the perfect piece for their home.

Important Features of Dresser
Like any other furniture, a dresser should suit the space, storage and decor needs. Below are the important features that a customer should consider before deciding on a dresser.

• Options include one or more rows of drawers, with each row containing two or more drawers

• May come with a metal gliders such as ball bearing runner to ensure smooth movement of drawers when opening and closing

• Some are built with a soft-close mechanism that allows the drawer to close on its own with a gentle push-start

• Drawers should also have stoppers to prevent them from falling all the way out when pulled open, preventing damage to the dresser or injury to user

Dresser Size
• Dressers come in varying shapes and sizes.

• The available space should determine the size, width or depth of the drawer

• When attaching a mirror the height should be taken into consideration

Dresser Storage Capacity
• A simple three-drawer dresser is an economical storage solution that takes up minimal space

• A double dresser with two rows of multiple drawers are ideal for a couple or individual with lots of clothing and personal accessories

• Dressers with smaller drawers that open quickly offers easy access to lighter items such as socks or undergarments

• Large capacity and extra deep drawers are ideal for storing bulky items like jeans and sweaters Dresser Styles

• Other than the bed, the dresser is usually the next important focal point in the bedroom, so choosing a dresser that complements room decor is important

• For example, an oak or cherry wood finish dresser embellished with brass knobs, side moldings and ornately carved accents will complement a traditional bedroom

• A white or espresso-coloured dresser with clean straight lines, sleek geometric handles and steel or glass accents complements a modern look

• The hardware of a dressers have a big impact on both function and style

• Large knobs and pulls are easier to grasp and can contribute to a more traditional look

• Some dressers forgo pulls and handles altogether for a sleek minimalist appearance

Chest of Drawers
Chests of drawers come in varying types with different numbers of drawers, variations in drawer sizes and configuration. Most chests of drawers are tall with a single column of four or more drawers. Some drawers are deep and some are shallow. The top is a flat surface for a mirror, jewelry boxes, photographs, or personal care items like perfume or cologne. While they are mainly made for the bedroom, they can also be used in other rooms, including the dining room, family room, children’s playroom, hallway, bathroom, closet, and entryway.

At Home Centre, customers can purchase a chest of drawer individually or as a part of a bedroom collection. When customers are purchasing a chest of drawer, they should know the different styles available to easily find what is best for their needs.

Here are few recommendations that will help customers with their purchase:
• Measure to ensure the chest of drawers will fit with existing furniture, windows and doors

• Consider how many drawers are required for storage needs

• Gliders ensures the drawers will open and close smoothly

• Choose finishes and hardware that complement existing decor

• Consider the height when placing lamps, mirrors or other items on top of the chest of drawers

Customers can choose from a wide range of nightstand in different finishes and modern or traditional designs. Whether they are looking for single or matching pieces for both sides of the bed, they will have no trouble finding just the right piece from the stylish and functional nightstands that Home Centre offers.

Here are few recommendations that will help customers with their purchase. A practical nightstand should offer the following benefits:
• Decorative and matches the style of the bedroom furniture

• Functional

• The table surface must have enough room for a lamp, alarm clock, cell phone, and eye glasses and other valuables

• It should have adequate drawer space for reading materials, medications, or valuables

Other important considerations include:

• A too short or too tall nightstand is both uncomfortable to use and awkward looking when placed next to a taller (or shorter) bed

• Nightstand should be within a few inches of the top of the mattress

• It should complement the bed, not overpower it or feel too small

• A large room will need bigger furniture, as well as more of it, while narrow furniture will look just fine in a smaller space.

• Although bedside tables don't need to perfectly match the rest of the bedroom furniture, they should be a part of the same design family.

• For a contemporary look, a rustic wood furniture with metal nightstands, or go bold by adding in a bright color or going stark with a black nightstand or white nightstand.

• A traditional style often includes a matching set, but a vintage pieces can add more character but not to be mixed with too many different.

Bedroom Bench
A bench is a functional chair as well as a decorative piece in a bedroom, where it is usually softly upholstered and may even have attractive arms. A bedroom bench might not be as important as the other furniture bedroom, but adding one to the end of the bed offers the following benefits:
• Use as a resting spot for throw pillows and blankets

• A place to lay out tomorrow's clothes — even a spot to put on shoes or read a book

• It can easily add style to the bedroom, since many benches come in eye-catching designs and colors

• Trunks or ottoman are also great alternatives for bedroom bench that are mainly intended for clothing and bedding storage, but are equally useful for storing away heavy sweaters or a duvets

Dining Room


The dining room is an important space in any home. It is where families share and enjoy a casual everyday meal. During special occasions and family gatherings, it becomes an important space for entertaining friends and guests. Hence, the dining room furniture should be comfortable and welcoming. When the room feels comfortable, looks stylish and accommodates all guests, every meal that is shared will always feel like a celebration.

Creating a comfortable Dining Room
Here are some guidelines in creating a comfortable dining room that can be shared to customers. These tips will help them decide on their dining room furniture that works best for their space.

Room size – The size of the room will determine the size of furniture and its placement. Whether customers are looking for a space saving dining set or a full-size formal dining table and chairs, they always have to consider the availability of space and the kind of dining that they are doing. It is always important to measure furniture before purchasing to ensure that it will fit comfortably in the space.

Comfort and Style –The perfect combination of comfort and style create a warm and welcoming dining room. When it comes to comfort, dining chairs offer the most and here are few features to look for in chairs:

Large chairs 
• Wider than normal, more durable and offers strong weight support

Extra deep chairs 
• Larger from front to back, offers ultimate comfort

Sprung seats 
• Soft and springy, keeps the shape well and not prone to sagging

Soft back chairs 
• Perfect for enjoying long meals - with a soft surface to support the back

High back chairs 
• Good for posture and provides good support

As for style there is always a right material that fits a space. Customers can choose from woods and wood effect finishes, fabrics and leather upholstery and glass or mirrored finish to reflect their personality.

Large Dining Rooms

Small Dining Rooms

Eat-in Kitchens








  • Decide on style and comfort that fits the rest  of the décor
  • Darker woods are ideal because they will look bigger, heavier, and more dramatic
  • Glass and mirrored  furniture give the illusion of light and space in smaller rooms, and easy to mix and match with any home decors
  • Coordinating furniture or dining set is ideal as it offers unity
  • Eat-in kitchens, also considered breakfast nooks, are designed off or near the kitchen
  • Typically built near windows to create a warmer and cozier feel
  • If there are no windows, hanging large wall mirrors will make the space feel more open and airy


  • Center the dining table in the middle of the room (or under a lighting element if for a combined living and dining room) to know where to place other furniture
  • Popular table shapes for larger spaces are round, rectangular, or oval
  • Use the rest of available space for decorative accessories and other pieces of furniture that have storage space such as buffet and hutch
  • Dining table that has a removable leaf that can easily be added for larger gatherings is a great option
  • A table set with just two or four chairs instantly feels less crowded or a round pedestal table – makes the perimeter of the room appear larger and dining guests have more room to adjust and will not bump elbows
  • Armless dining chairs will make the space seem less congested and create extra room for additional seating. 
  • Less is more – only add important and functional furnitures
  • Consider furniture that will make the room more open and spacious
  • Pedestal table is ideal to fit up to four or six people
  • Popular shapes include round, oval, or square
  • Fill one, two, or three sides of the breakfast nook with a stand-alone bench  to maximize floor space for a better flow
  • If there are windows near the dining space, add a bench below the windowsill with a table and chairs across from it this will create a space that is both ideal for eating area and a place where kids can hang out or do their homework
Types of Dining Room furniture
Dining Table
• Sets the mood of the dining room

• Important dining furniture where families gather to enjoy a meal

• It is also used to prepare meals, families gather for a conversation or a place where kids can do their homework and projects

Dining Chairs
• Comfort is the primary consideration

• It should provide proper support while enjoying a meal or any gathering

• Available in wide range of style from upholstered, cushioned, arm chair, side chair and benches

Buffet and Hutch
• A buffet which includes upper shelves or cabinets for storing dining essentials

• Upper shelves are often made of glass and may be lighted to display fine crockery collection

• The table surface can be used to display food or decorative items

• Provides storage for crockeries, table lines, flatwares and other tabletop essentials

• Serves as a surface area for placing dishes of food and/or decorative accents

• Great for displaying art, storing dishes or just keeping keys and bags ready

Dining Table Shape

Capacity, ambiance, and a table's ability to fill a space are all affected by shape.
• Depending on the size, it can accommodate a large group or big family

• Ideal for narrower room that needed to seat more people

Round Table
• Ideal for smaller rooms – casual and informal setting

• Encourages conversations because no one is at the head of the table

• Promotes conversation and socialization

• Small, square dining tables are perfect for small groups and smaller dining room

• Provides a casual setting

• Fills a larger room better

• Works best for sitting more people

• Adds a sense of formality to any occasion

Dining Table Styles
Here are the common dining table styles that are available in Home Centre

Pedestal Table
• Space saving – it can accommodate more chairs

• Easy to sit at because there are no legs getting in the way – just a single pedestal in the middle

Leg Table
• Offers a more traditional look legs

• Harder to fit in additional chairs because of the legs

• Offers a more formal setting

Trestle Table
• Consists of two sets of legs that are connected by a horizontal beam

• Provides a stronger support to a longer dining table

• Best for casual settings

Drop Leaf Table
• Comes with a hinged leaves that are unfolded for table extension

• Provides option to expand the length when necessary

• Space saving and practical

Gate Leg Table
• A version of drop-leaf table in which the extended leaf is supported by a leg that folds into the base when the leaf is not in use

• Looks more sleek and clean when the leaf is folded

Flip Top Table
• The table top that can be doubled over on itself

• As it is unfolded it is either rotated or shifted on the table base for support

Tilt Top Table
• A top that can be tilted vertically to store against a wall

• Space saving

Buffet and Hutch
Buffet and hutch, also known as china cabinet offers a beautiful way to showcase treasured and fine tabletop collection. Some type is built with an open countertop that can be used as a serving space. The upper shelves are often made of glass, and often lighted to highlight the display while the lower shelves usually have cabinet doors and drawers that are perfect for storing flatware or folded table linens.

Home Centre’s beautiful selection of buffets and hutch provides a perfect solution to display or store dinnerware or crockeries safely whilst adding warmth and a nice touch to any dining room.

Important Features of Buffet and Hutch
Like any other dining furniture, a buffet and hutch should complement the space, storage and dining interior.

Glass doors
• Provides a full view of the display

• Protects the display from dust and insects

• Highlights the interior and the displayed items

• The bulbs should be easy to change for added convenience

• It should be strong and durable enough to protect valuable collection

• It can last for many years

Drawers and Storage
• It should provide enough space for storing and protecting extra cutleries, flatware, table linens, dinnerware, occasional home decors and other dining essentials

• Important for families with small children

• Protects valuable items out of children’s reach

A sideboard or buffet provides added storage space for dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, serving platters and occasional home decorative. It also serves as an extension of countertop during family gatherings –when dinner table becomes crowded, food and beverage containers can be kept on the buffet table.

To get the most out of a sideboard, it should offer the following features:

The key to a good storage piece is flexibility. It should easily organize items of different shapes and sizes. The cupboards should contain adjustable or removable shelves and compartments.

Adequate Storage
It should suits the dimensions of the dining room and stores items efficiently. Footed buffets makes cleaning underneath easier but might offer less storage space. It interior space and depth should accommodate large platters, pitchers, or stacks of plates. Drawers should be inlaid with velvet fabrics to help protect and organize knives, forks and spoons.

Space Saving
Hinged doors require additional space but provide better access. For a smaller dining space, a sliding door provides a better option and maximizes the space.



A good night’s sleep is essential to the body’s mental, emotional and physical health. However, many people do not get the quality and comfortable sleep needed each night to perform their best during the day.

Studies have shown that one can improve the quality of sleep by using the right mattress. Problems such as sleepless nights, tossing, turning and exhausted mornings can be lessened when using a comfortable mattress.

At Home Centre, we only provide mattresses that are built for superior comfort levels and designed to provide better sleeping postures to ensure a quality sleep. A good and comfortable sleep helps the body to repair and heal that eventually leads to a higher energy, boost productivity and in general towards a healthier lifestyle and well-being. Here are some of our mattress buying considerations:

Home Centre’s mattress collections are built for superior comfort levels and designed to provide better sleeping postures to ensure personal well-being through completely fulfilling sleep.

• A comfortable mattress reduces tossing and turning

• Promotes a good night’s sleep

• Reduces body pain and improves sleeping habit
A good mattress and foundation must support the natural curves of the body at all points and keep the spine in the same shape as a person with good standing posture.

• Pay special attention to shoulders, hips and lower back which are the heaviest parts of the body

• The mattress should hold the body in proper alignment from head to toe to avoid waking up with a backache

Support Test - choosing the right firmness
• If the mattress is too soft, a sleeper could sink into the surface and have a hard time moving, which could cause tingling, numbness, or aches

• A mattress that is too firm causes pressure to the body resulting in discomfort at the heaviest points (hips and shoulders); it also causes frequent tossing and turning

• The best mattress supports the spine at all points while allowing it to maintain its natural curve
It’s the quality of the materials used and how they’re put together that determines how long a mattress and foundation will provide comfort and support.

• A conventional innerspring mattress is the most common choice and often the least expensive

• Memory foam is heat-sensitive and conforms to the body

• Not all memory foam feels the same, and it can take time to get used to

• Many of today's innersprings add a layer of foam over the springs
Make sure that the mattress gives enough space to move around comfortably throughout the night.

• An individual needs freedom of motion to relax trying to get sleep and during sleeping

• A healthy person moves anywhere from 40-60 times a night, including dozens of full body turns

Size matters
• Most sleepers shift positions during the night, and limited space can keep them from moving freely

• Two people sleeping on a full sized (‘double’) mattress only have as much personal sleeping space as a baby in a crib

• It is recommended that bed partners buy a mattress no smaller than a queen mattress
Mattress Construction
The perfect mattress for a great night’s sleep is the one that meets an individual’s personal needs for comfort and support. But before recommending a mattress to customers it is important to understand some bedding basics that they need to know.

With some general mattress information on the variety of choices available at Home Centre, it will be easier to recommend the right mattress to customers.

What’s in a Mattress?
This is an overview of mattress construction designed to make the process of choosing the right mattress easier.
Comfort Layers (can be made of several layers of foam)
Mattress Core (bonnel coil, pocket spring or rebonded foam)
Edge Support
Types of Foam
Polyurethane (PU) Foam
• PU foam is rated based on density and the degree of firmness – regular grade, high density and high resiliency

• Regular grade and high density are often used as layers in the construction of mattress

• High resiliency is commonly used as an entire mattress

• Easier to move and flip

• High resiliency PU foam offers higher support than the high density and regular grade

• When used as a comfort layer, it adds extra buoyancy and weight support to the mattress

• Lightweight and economical

Visco Foam /Memory Foam
• Visco means slow recovery

• Flexible when pressure is applied but regain the original shape once pressure is removed

• Also known as heat sensitive foam

• Conforms to the natural shape of the body

• Helps relieve pressure points, hence providing comfort in any sleeping position

• Helps provide the body a perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night

• Helps relieve back problems, because its responsive surface maintains the spine in perfect alignment, leaving its natural curves relaxed

Types of Innerspring
The most common type of innerspring used in the mattress available in Home Centre showrooms are bonnel and pocket innerspring.

Bonnel Innerspring
• Classic and most popular type of innerspring

• Made steel coil interconnected in rows by helical wire

• The wire gauge and the coil count determines the quality of the bonnell spring

• Reliable

• Durable

• Have a very good and progressive resilience

• Bonnel soring mattresses can be a very good choice for spare and guest bedrooms

Pocket Innerspring

• Each spring is individually wrapped in a small non-woven fabric sack-"pocket"-

• These springs are vertically positioned and distributed throughout the inside of the mattress, pushing against the sleeper’s body weight

• Creates independent motion and noiselessness when one sleeper moves

• The individual springs work independently in providing support and cushioning

• Each spring will support the body on its own and will not transfer it to another part of the bed

Tips On Mattress Care
The new mattress or base will provide years of excellent comfort as long as proper care is practiced. However, most of the customers are not informed or are not aware on how they can fully enjoy the benefits of their mattress and comes back to the showroom dissatisfied. Therefore it is very important to take the time to inform the customers on caring for the new mattress.

1. Air out your new mattress for 24 hours before sleeping on it
2. Rotate the mattress every week for the first few weeks, and once a month after that (refer to the next page for instructions on properly turning the mattress)
3. Turn the mattress every 3 months as the table indicates
4. Use proper foundation support
5. Carry the mattress flat on its side
6. Avoid getting your mattress wet and moist.
7. Always use mattress protector to keep it dry and clean. This will also effectively protect the mattress from spills and stains.
8. Do not expose the mattress to excessive heat, such as ironing, which would damage the fabric.
9. Avoid jumping or standing on the mattress.
10. Bending on the mattress may permanently damage the inner-spring.
11. The mattress should not be placed near heaters, open flame or fire.

Other important considerations:
• Body impressions may appear. This is normal and is not a product defect. This can be reduced or eliminated by rotating the mattress regularly.

• Majority of mattress failure or "wear out" is often caused by foundation failure. Ensure to use proper support or matching foundation to keep the mattress in good form and shape.

• For spring mattresses it is always ideal to use a bed frame with bedboard support system or slatted base that are 5 to 7 cm apart at the most and not more than that.

• Don't bend the mattress when rotating or moving it from one location to another because such mishandling can void the warranty.

How to Turn the Mattress
• After the first month of use, rotate the mattress sideway and the box spring as well

• After the second month of use, turn the mattress upside down

• After the third month of use, rotate the mattress sideways and the box spring as well

• After the fourth month, turn back the mattress upside down ad shown with its original side up

After the first four months of use, the above steps must be repeated periodically every three months. Remember to rotate the box spring as well every time you turn your mattress (when a box spring is being used)

Soft Furnishing


Home Centre’s soft furnishings refer to the fabrics used in the home such as comforters, blankets, pillows, curtains, and more. They are made and designed to provide comfort, support and protection in the bedroom, living room and other rooms of a home. They are also widely used for decorative purposes because of their availability in wide range of styles, designs and colours.

A quality and comfortable bed sheets such as down duvet, cotton fitted sheets and superior comforter provides maximum comfort for a restful night sleep. While a natural down pillow and memory foam pillow provides the much needed head support.

Here are the common fillings used for duvets, comforters, pillows, cushions and mattress toppers that are available in the soft furnishing section.

• Used for duvets, pillows and cushion fillers

• Available in duck and goose down and feather

• Down is the soft plumage on a bird’s chest and belly that provides superior comfort, fill, breathability and warmth

• Feathers, another natural fill, add soft and long-lasting support

• Conform to head and neck and hold up better than synthetic fills

• Commonly used in duvets, comforters, fillers, pillows and filled cushions

• High quality synthetic fillings such as microgel and microfibre is thick but soft

• Includes polyester fibre, hollow fibre, polyester gel and many more

• Durable and resistant to dustmites

• Non-allergenic

• Suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers

Memory Foam
• Commonly used in pillows and mattress toppers

• Made of polyurethane foam

• Dense and sponge-like

• Follows the natural shape of the body

• Allows the neck and spine to remain alligned

• Responds to body temperature

• Promotes resful night sleep
Bed Sheets
Bed sheets are as important as comforters, pillows and mattresses in providing comfortable night’s sleep. They provide additional warmth as they keep the mattresses and pillows fresh and clean. More importantly, they protect and extend the life of any mattress and pillow.

Bed Sheets









Flat Sheet

  • Also known as top sheet
  • It is placed under the blanket or  comforter
  • Also placed on the bed above the fitted sheet
  • Keeps the comforter or blanket fresh and clean
  • Provides additional comfort
  • Great alternative to blanket when the weather is warm
  • Usually made of cotton
  • Available in percale or satin finish



Fitted Sheet
  • Covers the mattress
  • With elastic bond around the edges to fit neatly over the mattress
  • Keeps the mattress clean
  • Provides a smooth and soft surface for sleeping
  • The elastic band holds the sheet firmly in place
  • Neatly fits around the corners of a mattress


  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Available in different sizes to fit suitable mattress



Pillow Case

  • Removable fabric cover that protects the pillow


  • Keeps the pillow clean
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Some pillow case comes with anti-dust mites that protects the user from allergens
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Polyester blend
  • Silk
Thread Count
Home Centre’s bed sheets are available in 160-300 thread count.
• 160-200 thread counts – Good quality and durable

• More than 200 thread counts – Better quality, softer and more durable

• 300 thread counts and higher – Luxurious and very durable

The following construction or finish are common in all Home Centre’s bed sheets.
• Sateen sheets are made with a satin weave. They are very soft, smooth and shiny.

• Percale sheets are closely woven fabric. These sheets have a cool and crisp feel.

• Combed cotton has been combed to remove the short fibers and leave the long ones, which makes for a strong, soft fabric.



Flat sheets and fitted sheets are available in different sizes to fit corresponding mattress size.

Flat Sheet

Fitted Sheet




Single (90x190cm)



Full (120x200cm)



Queen (155x205cm)



King (180x210cm)



Super King (200x210cm)

Special Features
• Non-iron finish features excellent shape retention, optimal wash and wear performance and looks new longer.
• Sanitized® Actifresh is a seal of approval, which stands for health safety and allergen-free.
Tog Rate
Tog rate refers to the amount of heat a duvet can trap. It is a measurement of how warm a duvet is. A warmer duvet has a higher TOG rate compared to a cooler duvet. When recommending a duvet, you should also inform the customers to consider the temperature of their bedroom.

4.5 Tog Rate
• Ideal for summer or warmer weather

• Lightweight

7.5 Tog Rate
• Ideal for year round usage

• For cooler rooms or temperature

9 – 13.5 Tog Rate
• Ideal for winter or cool weather

• For those who prefer a warm duvet

• Examples include Cloud Duvet and Tranquil Duvet

• The Hungarian White Goose Down Duvet has a Tog value of 10.5 and is ideal for year round usage because of the ability of down to adjust with the body temperature

• A 13.5 tog is suitable for very cold temperature and refers to a very warm Duvet

Pillows provide support to the head and neck. Using the appropriate pillow is important for a comfortable and restful sleep. However, a pillow that does not provide the proper support can cause headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain which results to discomfort in sleeping.

At Home Centre, we provide a wide range of high quality pillows that will suit every customer’s sleeping pattern. They can choose from our wide selection of luxurious and comfortable head support. From different fillings such as down and feather, microfiber and memory foam to functional support such as Body and V-shape for maternity needs and pregnancy comfort.

Support For Different Sleeping Pattern
There are three main sleeping positions – back, side and stomach. This guide will allow you to help customers find the pillow they need to get hours of quality sleep every night. 

Knowing what position a person sleeps will determine the right level of support.
Mattress Toppers
Mattress toppers are removable bedding that is place on top of a mattress. They enhance the comfort level of a mattress and add support to a soft mattress therefore providing a restful sleep. Sleeping in an uncomfortable mattress can result to body pain, headaches and poor body posture. On the other hand, the proper mattress support contributes to a healthy sleep and improves body posture.

Uncomfortable sleeping position
• Results in body pain such as back aches and shoulder aches

• Results to poor body posture in the long run

• Tossing and turning that interrupts sleeping

Comfortable sleeping position
• Results to a good body posture

• Minimise tossing and turning or decrease possibility of interrupted sleep

• Rest comfortably

• Quality and healthy sleep

Home Centre’s mattress topper includes Memory Foam and Microgel. We also provide waterproof mattress and pillow protectors to protect and prolong the life of a mattress and pillows.

Benefits of Memory Foam mattress topper
• Made of Visco elastic foam

• Provides proper support to the head, neck, backbone, and shoulders

• Prevents back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, snoring, heart bun and numbness in hands

• Helps to improve body posture

• Helps to avoid painful pressure in one particular spot

• The memory responsive foam follows the shape of the body and helps keep the backbone straight while sleeping

• Identifies parts of the body that need more support

• When you lie on the memory foam, the body temperature affects the material, causing it to soften in the places where there is increased temperature. This results into a more comfortable and quality sleep.

Home Office


These days there are more people moving toward working from home and this has increased the need for good home office furniture. To those who needed to bring work into their personal space, there are various options to add a functional home office without taking away the warmth of the home. Creating a separate space for home office or study can eliminate interruptions and get work done faster.

Whether it is used for internet-based business, running a small home based business, or a place for the children to study and complete their assignments, the right home office furniture will increase productivity and complement the rest of the house.

Creating a Comfortable Home Office
The following are important considerations to take into account in creating a comfortable home office. This will help customers to choose the appropriate furniture they need to create the ideal home office, study, or the perfect home for the family computer.

Keep quality and purpose in mind. The look of the furniture should not be the primary consideration.
• The table should have enough space for laptop, mouse pads and other computer accessories.

• All drawers should be accessible.

The furniture must be safe and durable.

With selections of home office chairs, desks, storage, shelving and more, Home Centre can help customer establish a space within their home to maximize productivity and create their ideal home office setup.

Office Table
• Provides a spacious work area that can hold a laptop or desktop computer or other documents

• Dedicated to improved productivity and organizing work

• Comes in different styles and materials

Office Chair
• Provides proper support to the back and neck during prolonged sitting while working

• The right office chair improves productivity and promotes good sitting posture

• Available in different materials, width, height and design to meet individual needs

Book Case/Office Storage
• Includes book cases, file cabinets or dividers

• Keeps books and other files organise and accessible

• It can also be used to holds photo and file boxes to keep a clutter-free home

Preventing Stress and Injury
At times, working from home office may require long hours spent at a time seated in front of computer screen working and typing. Being stationary for long periods, constantly looking at a computer screen, and conducting repetitive motions like typing, can create stress for the body and mind. Ergonomics is important because it can prevent stress and injury if you do the following:
• The chair should provide proper support to the back and neck.

• The chair should be comfortable enough to promote good posture.

The office should have proper lighting to reduce eye strain and headaches. Use both natural and artificial light, and have a quality desk lamp or task light.

Ergonomics in a home office is important because it improves your productivity, creates a comfortable work environment, and prevents stress and injury. Creating an ergonomic home office is easy if you follow these tips. You not only will improve the quality of your work, but also will improve the quality of your mind and body.